How the communication campaign of San Miguel, “A place called world”, reaffirms the new concept of “World-Culture.”

The launch of the spot, the collaborative song “A place called world”, the TV program directed by David Trueba at Canal + TV channel known as “A place called world” and the radio program directed by Javier Limón at Europe FM with the same title, as an interesting show about who the San Miguel communication campaign, all reaffirm a new cultural concept: “World- Culture”.

The success of the new San Miguel advertisement, a remix of what was firstly introduced in 2011, has many similarities with this new conception of culture. In fact, it’s the most accurate portrayal of what moves a still hypermodern society and the development of planetary culture PSY (increase of the “psychological” factor), guilty of great internal imbalances in the individual’s relationship.

The New World-Culture –which defines the expansion of policies subjects to profitability as other industries on the market–, has triumphed thanks to the development of TIC, transnational media networks and the global multiscreen.

Thus, the creative concept of this well-known brewery is a sign of the end of the traditional cultural diversity, and in favor of universalization, the third culture or the commercial culture: The World-Culture.