6,000 languages in the world are about to disappear


There are 6,909 languages in the world;

6,000 of them are endangered

and Shixing is one of those. Enhancing and preserving diversity as a distinguishing sign

and creating stakeholders,

much as we do with companies, brands, leaders and causes

is the first step for an innovative and efficient communication.

That is the way to build strong brands and restrain crises;

In order to increase reputation and leadership,

and multiply results. For excellence.

This is our history,

our own campaign over 15 years

when we decided to think out of the box.

Shixing is our brand,

our obsession for the great stories

for meticulous and well-done work.

Our soul. One way of communicating and a fascinating cause.

A challenge we love and share.

How support a language?

The program “Sponsor a language” promoted by Shixing Consultants in collaboration with various entities, is intended to raise funds for the dissemination of language policies between communities, experts and authorities. All funds are used entirely to maintain or revitalize mother tongues and transmit them to younger generations to prevent their disappearance. Thus protecting the scientific and cultural wealth and ancestral knowledge of humanity, above all, of the indigenous languages. If you are a company or an institution interested in sponsoring a language, please, contact us.

5 principles of responsible action

influencers, leaders, journalists, media, experts, entities, authorities, social agents, clients and public opinion in general.
though non-discriminatory practices in hiring.
we offer result-oriented professional services.
we conduct assessment surveys on a regular basis.
we maintain collaboration agreements with leading universities and business schools.