Communication for talent, training and management development

Our communication programs for restructuring, mergers, closures or relocations ensure organizational and restructuring processes, and favor corporate results. We create, plan and execute integrated strategies that minimize risks, reduce costs, maintain the pace of productivity and protect culture and corporate reputation. We promote relations between trade unions and the media; we manage corporate recognition plans, branding and leadership.
The complexity of the companies and the need to compensate for the labor force requires specific Communication plans that promote productivity and results. Our programs indoor, consistent with a business plan, are a tool for management and internal marketing element, cohesive messages at all levels (top managers, managers and staff base).
Recognition programs to promote talent, training and management development.
Companies seeking excellence will appreciate our People Engagement and Employer Branding programs. The goal of our programs is to keep and attract talent. We promote the internal brand, the corporate culture and the company’s goalss in order to create adherence between the internal public entity.
The commitment of leaders and employees is mandatory to meet the challenges of a company. We manage the workforce’s commitment and develop talent and leadership itineraries. We align the business strategy with the human resources to improve productivity while enhancing the corporate culture and pushing forward new professional challenges.
In family-run businesses human values are just as important as social and economic values. At Shixing Consultants we promote the values of family businesses. At the same time, we establish and promote the internal protocols to enhance strategic sources of growth.
The current directive practice requires leadership, charisma, conviction and credibility. We train political, business and social leaders to deal with conflict situations, in the development of speeches, presentations, Expert Testimony and discussions (Media Training and Storytelling).
We advise and manage their participation and appearances; we prepare them for government relations; we make up sale networks and we encourage doctor-patient relationship.