Doing business or setting up in Europe, US or Latin America

If your company is planning on doing business or setting up in Europe, US or Latin America, then we are your gateway. We foster relationships between your entity and public institutions and private companies. We launch your company or brands onto the market, we promote its competitive advantages and empower its leadership in new markets.

Did you know that a communication campaign’s creativity and efficiency are now conditioned by quality and data value? Big Data makes a paradigm change regarding marketing and communication for a company, brand, institution or person. Uniting Big Data with communication, results in two powerful business assets which optimise marketing and communication strategies and create growth and expansion opportunities that were unimaginable up until now.
What kind of relationship does your company have with your clients? In order to grow and lead the markets, it is crucial to get to know each client’s taste, to feel their needs and to keep an eye out for their preferences. We draw a unified 360 vision from each client through the advanced analysis of their multi‑device interactions (mobile, tablet, IoT, etc.) This allows us to implement customised communication campaigns, to stablish and maintain individual relationships with your clients that are more intimate and long-lasting.
One of the main challenges that leader companies face today is getting detailed information on their clients. By improving your knowledge on every client’s segment, we unveil hidden links and identify new behaviour patterns. Our communication strategies are smarter because they meet real needs, reduce drain ratio, minimise retention costs and they also generate new business opportunities.
 What do clients think about your company or brand? We hear them out and lead conversations regarding your company, brands, products or services to grow closer to stakeholders’ feelings. Our Social Analytics system predicts consumer behaviour and identifies new business opportunities for your company or brand in markets.

Do you know how many of your clients are thinking about running away to your competitors? Taking the first step and predicting client drain is the beginning to keep growing and take up leadership. We provide companies with a multi-platform analysis for anticipation, to find out your clients’ intentions in order to avoid draining. We develop and implement more effective retention policies for corporate growth (purchases in sight, after-sales history, loyalty tracking, etc.).

Monitoring corporate performance for every market is the key to promoting your company’s position. We design strategic maps based on a performance indicator system to get to know globally and permanently the actions that the entity carries out. This system optimises the human resource performance (People Engagement) and promotes corporate values and/or brand values to achieve results and meet goals.
Our corporate reporting system is connected to an analytic database. This system makes decision-making easier and provides the corporate strategies and vision that your company requires. Our dashboard differentiates itself from others in that it offers the board a real‑time perspective needed to know at what level the indicators for marketing and communication are, but also in other departments such as finances, operations, commercial, logistics, maintenance, among others. 
Get to know in detail your clients’ behaviour and purchasing process. Our advanced analysis system allows us to establish models based on “what if” data questions. We can develop statistical models that associate purchasing behaviours to client profiles, which are applicable to future sale actions. Such a model is called “scoring” and it constitutes the basis for predictive analysis applied to marketing and communication based on evidence.
Having an integral and unified vision of the company is key for an effective financial governance, especially when implementing communication programs that minimise the impact of organisational and restructuration processes typical of mergers and acquisitions. We provide communication solutions based on the full update of master data in order to offer a global and specific vision to keep up with productivity, protect corporate reputation and culture and guarantee a more effective management and business growth.