In order to respond to the specific needs of our clients, we offer 3 flexible levels of service: Consulting, Agency and Outsourcing

  • Establishing the best suited integral strategies on communication
  • Determining the most efficient policies on communication
  • Creating the necessary message levels
  • Establishing evaluation methods
  • Comprehensive management competencies auditioning
  • Advising on talent management within the communication field (Development Center)
  • Evaluating the potential of applicants for positions in communication (Assessment Center, Executive Search)
  • Managing of the communication assets from an operative point of view
  • Implementing the actions in the most efficient and qualitative way
  • Auditioning the qualitative and quantitative results.
  • We incorporate one of our experts in creating an exclusive implant for a project or given time until it ends
  • We offer Interim Management services for companies that need to cover a position for a given project and time, ensuring the professionals’ expertise for incoming results
  • We direct, manage, support and enforce internal communication departments and teams