Innovative strategies for leading brands

We manage communication assets in digital and multi-display environments with Marketing strategies, Social Media Management and Online Communication, in order to create adhesion and prescription among communities of e-Fluencers. We monitor digital reputation, both national and international, for the permanent adaptation of strategies, to increase recommendations and/or restrain attacks and crises.
Our innovative 360 communication strategies  are for brands and services that wish to lead categories and differentiate themselves. We project the desired image, we promote their presence, monitoring and credibility; and we encourage participation and involvement with ambassadors, influencers, prescribers, opinion leaders, media, public opinion and the set of stakeholders.
Our communication programs  for restructuring, mergers, closures or relocations ensure organizational and restructuring processes, and favor corporate results. We create, plan and execute integrated strategies that minimize risks, reduce costs, maintain the pace of productivity and protect culture and corporate reputation. We promote relations between trade unions and the media; we manage corporate recognition plans, branding and leadership.
The complexity of the companies and the need to compensate for the labor force requires specific Communication plans that promote productivity and results. Our programs indoor, consistent with a business plan, are a tool for management and internal marketing element, cohesive messages at all levels (top managers, managers and staff base).
We advise in the most effective communication policies in order to defend strategic interests, promote leadership and reputation. We increase the value of corporate assets. We discuss and establish the climate of confidence necessary for the cohesion of the collective in a changing regulatory environment. We manage negotiations and agreements. We generate positive attitudes and consolidate management success.
Collective dismissals, investment policies, boycotts, scams, product removal or targeted attacks are some of the risks to which entities, brands, leaders and causes are permanently exposed. This vulnerability makes it necessary to provide for shock plans, crisis manuals (manual pocket) and issue management to protect their reputation, and re-establish confidence according to strategic interests.
We advise in the fields of political and legislative decisions by institutions, associations and non-governmental organizations. We make innovative public awareness campaigns. We foster relationships with local, national and international decision-making organs; we manage issues; we check messages (Message Testing); and we adapt complex matters in messages with a political nature.
New technologies and social or parallel trials exert great pressure on public opinion. They make mandatory to manage companies, brands, leaders, and causes’ reputations in highly vulnerable situations. We coordinate legal teams and communication equipment; and we create integrated strategies adapted to each procedure (criminal, civil, commercial or contentious-administrative) for positions protection and case projection modulation.
We assist our clients in their institutional relations. We favor strategic alliances and partner programs (organizations, administration, authorities, prescribers, coalitions, communities related to the environment and secondly regulations, media, associations and NGOs) to encourage dialogue and generate favorable opinions, increase the value and act ethically in those decision-making circles.
Beyond the final consumer, it is key to act on the most strategic and critical audiences: the Key Stakeholders. They are the e-Fluentials (bloggers & buzzers); on and off media, opinion leaders, analysts and experts; institutions, organizations, regulators and authorities; social platforms, activists, pressure groups, coalitions, allies, trade unions and business committees; vigilant, competitors and sectorial community.
We advise and manage corporate and financial communication assets according to strategic interests. We analyze trends and develop comprehensive and specific communications plans. We foster relationships with institutional, individual or financial intermediary investors, analysts, regulators, influencers, shareholders, etc. We promote public disclosure of financial operations and create and implement general meetings of shareholders and roadshows.
We know well decision-making circles and processes in this area. We advise and manage integrated communication strategies to lead and guarantee results. We execute Public Affairs and Issues programs in the field of health, corporate digital reputation, marketing communication, patient access programs, and training in communication and leadership (doctor-patient).
Our comprehensive communication plans for companies linked to the fashion industry guarantee results. We know the decision processes and circles, and we have a qualified contact network (brand ambassadors, prescribers, influencers, trendsetters, cool-hunters, stylists, editors and TV and film producers). Our offices have 100 m2 Showrooms for presentations; we carry out testers, clinics and POS campaigns; we promote financial relations; and we make the most out of trade fair representation.
We encourage leadership among hardware, software, digital media and entertainment, Cleantech, security, mobility, networks and telecoms companies. Our integrated strategies are aimed at promoting relations with investors, analysts, associations and media; at Issues Management; at products launch and high impact POS campaigns; and corporate responsibility and sponsorship programs.
We advise and manage communication assets for companies linked to Green IT, materials recycling, redesigned energy and clean fuels. We offer high level regulatory and legal advice regarding energy and climate change, in order to promote institutional relations and to disseminate appropriate messages in Europe. We promote actions between investors and the community with sustainability and corporate responsibility programs.