Creative, innovative and global communication for engagement

Our innovative 360 communication strategies  are for brands and services that wish to lead categories and differentiate themselves. We project the desired image, we promote their presence, monitoring and credibility; and we encourage participation and involvement with ambassadors, influencers, prescribers, opinion leaders, media, public opinion and the set of stakeholders.
A story is easier to remember than just facts. This has been proven. We are pioneers in building great stories, hence our slogan “Great stories, great results”. We produce high-impact storytelling adapted to different markets, aiming to promote the values of the company or brand, move, mobilize, sell and obtain loyalty.
Our innovative B2C communication strategies are designed to connect your brand with their customers (Inbound Marketing). Such strategies are designed to build long lasting relationships that will allow your company to stand out and be a category leader.
To create adherence among e-Fluencers’ communities we manage digital assets in multi-media environments applying Marketing strategies, Social Media and Online Communication Management. In this regard, we monitor the digital reputation both at a national and international level, we measure the strategies, increase the recommendations and/or contain crisis and attacks.
We encourage leadership among hardware, software, digital media and entertainment, Cleantech, security, mobility, networks and telecoms companies. Our integrated strategies are aimed at promoting relations with investors, analysts, associations and media; at Issues Management; at products launch and high impact POS campaigns; and corporate responsibility and sponsorship programs.
We advise and manage communication assets for companies linked to Green IT, materials recycling, redesigned energy and clean fuels. We offer high level regulatory and legal advice regarding energy and climate change, in order to promote institutional relations and to disseminate appropriate messages in Europe. We promote actions between investors and the community with sustainability and corporate responsibility programs.
Our ambassadors and prescribers and qualitative contacts’ network in the field of food, drinks and nutrition are the basis of the success of our promotional, public awareness and nutritional information campaigns. We launch products; we advise in the field of crisis and food security; we favor institutional relations; we manage Issues and Public Affairs programs; we encourage scientific and general communication, and we exploit representation in medical conferences.
Tourism communication and MICE is one of our first practices. We advise and accompany in corporate and marketing communications at tourism offices, convention centers, tourist portals, hotel companies, associations and similar agents. We know the trends and the evolution of tourism markets. We are experts in creating products; we foster relationships with the key stakeholders; we develop contingency, crisis and Issues Management plans. We take high impact Press & Bloggers Trips. We make the most out of representation at fairs; and we promote membership in social networks.
We know well decision-making circles and processes in this area. We advise and manage integrated communication strategies to lead and guarantee results. We execute Public Affairs and Issues programs in the field of health, corporate digital reputation, marketing communication, patient access programs, and training in communication and leadership (doctor-patient).
We are leaders in sports communication and corporate reputation. Sport is the best ally to build a solid brand image and make a high impact and promote acceptance among stakeholders. We integrate the values of sport in communication plans of sports companies, the automotive industry and other sectors, while we create innovative strategies that contribute to increase its reputation and leadership.
Our comprehensive communication plans for companies linked to the fashion industry guarantee results. We know the decision processes and circles, and we have a qualified contact network (brand ambassadors, prescribers, influencers, trendsetters, cool-hunters, stylists, editors and TV and film producers). Our offices have 100 m2 Showrooms for presentations; we carry out testers, clinics and POS campaigns; we promote financial relations; and we make the most out of trade fair representation.
We communicate the excellence of schools and top universities. We manage the assets communication from official organizations; fairs, museums and managers of cultural and natural heritage; publishing and media groups; film and music industry; as well as charitable foundations and NGOs.