3,975 km lap

The Ferrari 312 T5 with which Gilles Villeneuve was proclaimed world champion in 1979 was one of the 30 participants at the Ferrari Tour of Spain, one of the loyalty actions done by the Ferrari Club in Spain. The exclusive P4, a prototype of which there are only four units in the world, F40 and the legendary F50, F355 Spider, F550, F250 GT and several Testarossa, were some of the most spectacular Maranello participant models in a 3,975 km route.

Besides Spanish riders, riders from Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Italy, Monaco and Switzerland have also taken part. The event started in Barcelona and ended in Marbella, and took place in stages at the Montmeló, (Catalonia), Jarama (Madrid) and Jerez circuits, and included promotional parties and stays at the best hotels.