Creativity is necessary in any communicative process, even when it comes to corporate plans or crisis situations.


Creativity is increasingly critical to the effectiveness of communication and public relations strategies. A good example of this is the addition of the Lion of Public Relations at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes and the inclusion of new categories such as Digital, Communication, Corporate or Social Responsibility. How can you know if your communication consultancy is creative? Find out with these ten key points:

  1. The solutions offered by your consultant are able to lead a category.
  1. The concept can be extrapolated to the whole plan.
  1. Your consultant does not simply send press releases.
  1. The creative solutions they offer allow the execution of 360 campaigns.
  1. These solutions are memorable actions, according to the positioning of the company, brand or leader and it consolidates message retention.
  1. They receive positive feedback from key stakeholders (internal and external).
  1. Concepts can be extrapolated to other countries.
  1. Solutions are highly newsworthy.
  1. Contents are very relevant and have a strong impact on media, blogs, apps, videos and social media.
  1. They optimize investments, contribute to increased ROI, reputation and sales.